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Psychoeducatiional Assesments

A psycho-educational assessment is a term to describe an evaluation that primarily focuses on an individuals intellectual abilities and academic skills. These assessments are used to determine strengths and weaknesses in learning, as well as help determine how an individual learns best. The tests assess the following related to learning: Intelligence, language skills, memory, planning ability, verbal and visual learning, attention/concentration, eye hand coordination, reflective/impulse response style.

The tests also assess the following academic skills: Reading (phonetics skills, sight vocabulary, reading comprehension), spelling, writing, mathematics, academic fluency (speed of reading, writing, & calculating), listening comprehension, and oral expression.

A psycho-educational assessment takes approximately five hours of testing time. Interviews with others are sometimes used to help provide some of the required information. Within approximately one week, a report that sets out all the aspects of the testing and provides recommendation is written. Whenever possible, the report is followed up with a formal meeting between the referring agency and the client.

Confidentiality is adhered to in the assessment and report release. Copies are given to the client, the referring agency, the government agency that pays for the assessment (EAPD), and with permission to educational institutions. The Agency that conducts the psycho-educational assessment is Powell & Associates Human Services, located in Prince Albert at (306) 763-7057. Keith Powell is a registered psychologist in Saskatchewan and a member of the Canadian Psychological Association.

If you require additional information regarding above please contact Randy Stomp at 1-866-365-5508 or 425-6612.